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Door Interlock System -DIS (Optional Kit)

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Model #: DIS-20015F (Not a kit, control panel only.)


Model #: DIS-20015FK-2 (Two Door Kit - Other Door Options Available)

Product Description:

The door interlock system prevents more than one door from opening at the same time, under normal conditions. The door interlock system is electrically operated using magnetic locks and magnetic door switches. Pushbuttons installed at the doors are for overriding the magnetic locks in the event of an emergency. Visual and audible alarms for when a door is opened and will silence upon closing. This system is designed to meet recommended and/or mandatory requirements for maintaining containment levels based upon standards of the below governing organizations.

  • National Institutes of Health (NIH) Design Requirements Manual for Biomedical Laboratories
  • Laboratory Biosafety Guidelines of Canada
  • World Health Organization (WHO) Laboratory Biosafety Manual

The door interlock system can be used in many applications for environmental and safety control. Some examples include: laboratories and clean rooms where airlocks are utilized, darkrooms, x-ray and other treatment rooms, and more.

Note: If this system is installed in an animal laboratory (ABSL), the audible alarm can be easily disconnected to not disturb the animals.

The flush control panel comes with a stainless steel flush cover and 10”H x 8”W x 4”D steel back box. The surface control panel comes with a hinged non-detachable cover from the 10”H x 8”W x 4”D surface box. The surface box with cover is made of steel with a baked enamel gray coating.

The Door Interlock System, Model #: DIS-20015xx-x multiple door control panel, can be included as a kit containing a control panel with optional devices, such as: door magnetic locks, magnetic door switches and door emergency release pushbuttons mounted in stainless steel wall plates for a two, three or four door application. The last digits in the model number represented by an ‘X’ will reflect whether the control panel will be flush (F) or surface (S), a kit (K), and after the hyphen, how many doors (2, 3 or 4) are designed into the system. Note: an example of a completed model number is DIS-20015FK-2.

The Door Interlock System, Model #: DIS-20015x is a multiple door control panel only. This is not a kit and will be provided with a schematic for multiple doors. The last digit in the model number represented by an ‘X’ will reflect whether the control panel will be flush (F) or surface (S). Note: an example of a completed model number is DIS-20015F.

Control panels and pushbuttons are available in flush or surface models. The pushbuttons for a kit will be provided as flush or surface determined from the control panel selection.


Primary: 120 (optional 220 or 240) volt – Secondary: 24 volt

Normal Status Indicators

Power Reset Trips

Visual and Audible Alarm

Stainless Steel Flush Cover for Control Panel (By Selection)

Hinged Non-detachable Cover from Surface Box for Control Panel (By Selection)

Removable Relays Positioned for Quick Replacement

24V Power Supplies Adjustable for Voltage Drop

Quick Disconnects for Removing Back Plate or Cover (if applicable)

Inside Components are mounted on a Removable Back Plate

Pushbuttons for Emergency Release Mounted on SS Cover Plates (Included in Kit Option Only)

1200lb Magnetic Locks (Included in Kit Option Only)

Magnetic Door Contacts (Included in Kit Option Only)


Included option: provisions to connect wiring for the CERTEK product Damper Control for Decontamination. This option locks the doors during a decontamination process, but continues to allow the door interlock system pushbuttons to override in the case of an emergency.

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