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CERTEK Pressure Monitor (Surface)

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Model #: CPM-10015-2 (Surface)

Product Description:

The CERTEK Pressure Monitor can be used to monitor the pressure from room-to-room, within filter housings and within duct. This Model #: CPM-10015-2 is used in surface mounted applications when the pressure monitor back box cannot be installed in the interior of a wall. This is normally accomplished during renovations or in retrofit scenarios. This monitor comes with a hinged non-detachable cover from the 12”H x 12”W x 4”D surface box. The surface box with cover is made of steel with a baked enamel gray coating.

A bi-directional digihelic gauge with a large screen and buttons for adjusting the gauge’s settings is installed in the center of the surface box’s hinged cover. The range of the gauge is dependent upon the application. The door is opened by a slotted keyless closer for easy access to the inside components. Status lights for normal and alarm with an audible alarm buzzer and silence pushbutton is visible on the front of the cover. A port for pressure monitoring to the gauge is also located in the front hinged cover. A 24” length by ¼” diameter hose for sensing pressure is provided penetrating the back of the surface box with sufficient support to prevent crimping or damage to the hose. Sufficient length for through-the-wall monitoring of the room to be monitored is provided or additional length can be added by the installer to monitor housings and duct. One set of dry contacts are provided for remote monitoring.


Primary: 120 (optional 220 or 240) volt – Secondary: 24 volt

Dwyer DH3 Bi-Directional Digihelic Differential Pressure Controller

Normal Operation Indicator

Power Trip Reset on Transformer

Visual and Audible Alarm for Monitored Pressure

Audible Alarm Silence

Dry Contacts for Remote Monitoring through BMS or Other

Box and Non-Detachable Cover are made of Steel and Painted for Surface Installations

Slotted and Keyless Cover Closer

Easy Access for Maintenance or Repairs

Removable Relays Positioned for Quick Replacement

Quick Disconnects for Full Extension of Cover

Inside Components are Mounted on a Removable Back Plate

¼” Tubing for Monitoring Pressures are Mounted Securely and Sealed at Penetrations for Protection from Crimping and Damage.

24” Length of Tubing for Easy Through-the Wall Installation


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