CERTEK Mobile Decontamination ChamberCOVID-19

Coronavirus Assistance

We are watching and well aware of the global emergency and know what we can offer to help!

The world is an uncertain place and crisis can rise almost overnight. This is the reason we at CERTEK believe that we have been strategically placed in the world public health sector to rise above the face of uncertainty. If a proper and verified design for safety of your researchers is a must, give us your trust. We are ready to help you with your research and diagnostics!

Download a flyer to see how our line of Isolation Rooms and the Pure-Air ES and Pure-Air HC systems can offer the solutions you may need for your screening and holding areas.

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CERTEK ReadyPOD mobile laboratories are designed for quick mobilization and setup. With our team of experts from concept to design to manufacturing to verification and to optional SOP development, we can build a laboratory to fit any need.

We have a BSL-3 mobile design per NIH/CDC BMBL and pricing to help during this Global Crisis of the Coronavirus (nCoV). Our manufacturing team has been prepped for shortened lead times for this design. Requests beyond this design will add to the cost and possibly the lead-time.

We are ready to help! Call or email!